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November 02, 2022

Prostate cancer treatment techniques are prone to damaging the urinary sphincter and irritating the urethra. As a result, they often lead to incontinence which is associated with urinary leaks more so when pressure is exerted on the bladder either through coughing or laughing.

Fortunately, there are various approaches that a man can take to recover from bladder control, kegel exercises being one of them. A kegel exercise is synonymous to pranking a pee and the holding it; the exercise helps to build up the pelvic muscles, which contracts and relaxes to facilitate the opening of the bladder at your command. When performed correctly, the pelvic floor exercises for men help to build up the muscles hence reducing your symptoms. However, just as it takes time to strengthen any muscle of the body, pelvic floor muscles are of no exemption.

How to Do Comfortable Kegel Exercises

Before beginning the exercise, it is of utmost concern to identify the pelvic floor muscles. This can be done either through stopping and starting your urine flow. If you find it quite challenging, imagine that someone walks into your restroom while you are peeing and you need to hold the process. The muscles that you bring into play to cease the urine flow are the pelvic floor muscles. After locating the muscles, you can now practice kegel exercises for men through the following ways without having to pee.

  • Contract the pelvic muscle and hold for at least five seconds, or as long as you can.
  • Relax the pelvic muscles for equal time as you tightened them, and you will have done one kegel exercise.
  • Perfect your techniques by scheduling yourself for 10 to 20 pelvic floor exercises at least four times a day.
  • For more advanced exercises, you can incorporate a series of quick flexes. For instance, you can perform thirty quick kegel exercises each 1 second, followed by a prolonged contraction.

Be sure not to involve other muscles, especially in your thighs, buttock, or abdomen, so that the pelvic exercises for men can target the pelvic floor accurately. Besides, do not hold your breath while doing them, and if you find it arduous to isolate the proper muscles, you should get in touch with a urologist to instruct you.

When to Do the Kegel Exercises

To keep things simple, you should couple up the kegel exercises with your daily routines more so after peeing to scrap the last few drops. Besides, you should engage in contacting the pelvic muscles every time you associate yourself with an activity that puts pressure on your abdomen, such as lifting heavy weights, coughing, laughing and among others. Once you excel in conducting the kegel exercises for men, you can now perform them in various positions. Of the 15-30 exercises, he can do one-third while lying down, while sited, or while standing.

This knowledge is of paramount importance for men who are recovering from prostate cancer, and those that have problems with urine leaks and incontinence. It will help them feel more in control as they get most from their treatment. However, each man's healing time is different, so never be discouraged.