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November 05, 2023

There’s never been an easier time to access your favourite yoga classes from your living room! With the yoga world going online, you can now access classes with some of the best teachers from around the world without ever having to leave your house.

In this post, we’re going to look at the best yoga apps to get started at home. No more excuses! Let’s bring yoga into your life... 

Down Dog

Down Dog is a wonderful app for people who like to try something new every time they practice. Down Dog’s library has been recorded in such a way that you’ll never practice the same class twice - unless you choose to, of course. You can set the time, choose the focus, change the focus, and select from a variety of music to tailor each class to your specific needs. Down Dog also offers separate apps for meditation, workouts, and cross training.


With Glo, you can filter the yoga videos depending on the time of day, how you’re feeling, and which area of the body you would like to work on. Glo has one of the top ratings for yoga apps on both Apple and Android - and with a selection of world-class instructors to choose from, we can see why! 

Find What Feels Good

From the internationally famous ‘Yoga With Adriene’, the Find What Feels Good app offers over 100 hours of yoga and meditation videos. Adriene is loved because of her easygoing and fun attitude when it comes to yoga. If you’ve never practised with her, why not try out some of her free YouTube videos first? 

Alo Moves

Alo Moves is like bringing the studio into your living room. Their library is made up of 1500+ yoga, fitness, and meditation classes all led by experts in the area and added to every week. As well as yoga and fitness classes, Alo Moves also offers sound baths, HIIT workouts, and pilates. With one app, you’ve got it all.

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners is a great app for those just getting started with their practice as it offers one of the most affordable options. The classes are straightforward, with basic poses that are easy to follow. You can choose yoga flows for the back, core, or that will help to wake your entire body up in the morning! 


If you’re into spirituality, this is the app for you! The majority of teachers on Gaia’s app merge mindfulness with yoga to create the ultimate relaxing practice. Gaia’s library includes over 8,000 yoga videos, so even if you’re not into that, you’re sure to find a video that you love. 


You can’t really go wrong when it comes to selecting the best yoga app for you. After all, every single one of them will make it easier for you to practice from home!

Choose the app that appeals to you the most and take the time to see if you like what they offer by using their free trial. If you’re not keen on the app, simply cancel your subscription and choose another.

Happy yoga-ing!