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Our Team

Wil is the latest product of the design-tech start-up LifeSense Group.  When the founders of LifeSense Group; Valer Pop, Mitsugu Yoneyama and Julia Veldhuijzen van Zanten met at the Holst Centre, imec’s independent R&D center in the Netherlands, their collaboration started in answering the question of how to bring design and technology together to create a wearable solution for urine loss. Their partnership soon resulted in LifeSense Group’s first product, Carin. Wil builds on the technology and success of Carin, bringing the only wearable pelvic floor trainer to the market for men.

Valer and Yoneyama-san have a background in technology / business and Julia is a material designer. Since its inception in 2015, LifeSense Group has already expanded internationally to two locations. Our international team is based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and Tokyo, Japan.